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Tina Karol and Diane Warren collaborated on the anthem of love and unity titled "One Nation Under Love."

The song was released on Ukrainian Independence Day, August 24 . It is performed by Tina Karol and written by Diane Warren. The song carries a powerful message of hope, unity, and unwavering love during times of war.

Diane Warren said, "I hope 'One Nation Under Love' uplifts the spirits of the Ukrainian people and fosters stronger bonds among countries standing together for justice. It is beautifully sung by Tina Karol." Warren's poetic lyrics and Tina Karol's magnificent voice deliver a timeless message of hope.

The chosen release date of the song holds significant meaning, emphasizing the nation's resilience and determination in the face of adversity. In a world plagued by divisions and war, the Ukrainian people have endured months of pain and grief. "One Nation Under Love" highlights the power of love and inspires listeners worldwide to stand in solidarity with those affected by war.

Tina Karol expressed, "We collaborated on this song to strengthen the bridges between our countries. I am deeply grateful to you, Diane. Music is a soft power that can lift spirits, morals, and bring hope. We are striving for freedom and want to bring Ukraine to the Western world."

The special release also includes a powerful live performance at the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Mother Ukraine statue in Kyiv. The symbolism of the statue in Kyiv has been changed from Soviet to the coat of arms of Ukraine, representing a change. Together, Tina Karol and Diane Warren delivered a strong and memorable performance. This is a truly historical moment.

TINA KAROL, a celebrated Ukrainian singer, actress, TV presenter, and philanthropist, has established herself as a prominent figure. Her exceptional voice and artistic prowess have made her renowned in Ukraine and elevated her to international stardom. Through her music and voice, TINA KAROL aims to create positive change and break geographical and sonic barriers by releasing songs in both English and Ukrainian. She serves as an ambassador of Ukrainian culture on the global stage. "One Nation Under Love" exemplifies the power of music as a disarming expression of the human spirit.